Testimonials in Brenham, TX

"Dr. Studer and his staff are Awesome! They are professionals!  When it comes to service, you will not find a better office. Everyone is helpful, courteous and just plain freindly."



"I could not be more pleased than I am with Dr Studer. He and his staff were super nice, very professional, and the results perfect. I recommend Breham Orthodontics highly."    "P.S. Dr Studer will straighten your smile even if you are 80 years old!"

Kay Reichwein, Brenham


"Great doctors, Great Staff, Overall Great Experience.  I would recommend Brenham Orthodontics to anyone!"

Aidan Wagner


"If your child needs braces this is the place to go! Friendly and inviting staff, well organized and informative, and always willing to answer questions. Dr. Studer made my son feel comfortable. He is funny and positive!  Overall a wonderful experience."

Laura Kwiatkowski, Brenham


"Dr. Studer and his staff did GREAT!  From the beginning, everything was thoroughly explained - the process, the timeline, and the intended results. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. Throughout Eric's appointments, there was always a genuine "spirit" of helpfulness and courtesy. We are pleased and Eric is excited!"

Michelle Wellmann, Brenham


"Dr. Studer is a fantastic Orthodontist. He's gentle, caring, and has a sense of humor. His assistants are all very friendly & they all work together as a team. They keep a very clean environment.  I'm in my 60's and I had a great experience. I feel good about myself and have a great smile.  I highly recommend Brenham Orthodontics."



"Dr. Studer and his staff are always the topic of conversation after we leave every appointment. We are usually laughing & have smiles on our faces even if it's just a wire change or a more strenuous appt.  They make every patient and parent feel important, welcome and special. His work is superb!! The staff is always cheerful, helpful and make every visit a success. I appreciate the care they've given all three of my girls."

Judy Holt-Stribling


"Brenham Orthodontics - AMAZING!  I love them and my teeth!"



"We loved Laura, but everyone was fabulous!"
Jacque Shupak & Tana Sunderhuse

"Everyone is AMAZING! I loved everyone! I’m going to miss seeing y’all"
Corrie Rogers, Columbus

"We had a great experience with both boys!"
Kim Strauss, Brenham

"Y’all did an excellent job! I want to go into dental hygiene and this experience makes me want it more. Thanks so much!"
Kara Lilie, Columbus

"Excellent care! Would recommend to everyone! "
Jill Sikes/Troy & Kelly Sikes, Brenham

"Staff members were always very professional & courteous. We were always seen on time, never having to wait. Your office did a super job! Thanks"
Debra & Kaithlyn Nienstedt, Brenham

"Y’all are the best thing since pockets on a shirt!"
Hillary Mazac, Columbus

"You have put braces on all four of my daughters so as you can tell we were very pleased with the work you did and kindness of everyone in your office"
Debie Hernandez (Mom), Amber, Ashley, Andrea & Ashton Wilson, Columbus

"Very pleasant experience – Honestly, I expected much more discomfort than ever actually occurred – I will miss my braces!"
Georgia Yoffe, Brenham

"Every time I visited the Brenham office the whole staff ALWAYS had a smile on their faces. Great Work……Great people!!"
Lisa Tobola/Chastity Kinsey

"You’re a 5 star Orthodontist!! And your staff members are fantastic."
Maria Guerrero, Columbus

"Excellent care. The entire staff was friendly and courteous. I would recommend this office to everyone"
Beverlee DeBerry, Hempstead

"I love everyone…….Y’all were awesome"

"You all are awesome! I know we will be friends forever. The staff is warm, friendly, courteous and professional. I am both happy and sad! Thanks for everything."
Flora D. Thomas, Hempstead

"The prompt, friendly & professional service was greatly appreciated."
Diana Kohring Brenham

"You have a very friendly, helpful & courteous staff! Thank you for calling to remind us of appointments and for an overall great experience. His teeth look great!"
No name

"Austin's teeth are beautiful! What a great smile."
Austin Leed

"They worked with us and scheduled him on my days off. They explained to my son how important it was to do what they say so his teeth could be beautiful."
MaryAnn Reynolds

"Vary satisfied - appt. Time are great. Waiting time was very short."
Kim Hanna

"Thank you for being nice and making my teeth straight"
Barrett Richter

"Great experience as usual!"
Karen Cunningham

"First rate operation - would refer anyone to your office."
Kim Koehn

"Very warm and friendly staff. Extremely professional."
Becky Hunter

"This was a great experience and I would recommend this office to anyone who plans to get braces in the future."
Carrie Schmidt

"Excellent service across the board. All 5's. Appreciated never having to wait and was always worked when arrived early."
Russell Braun

"I have already recommended you to a number of people - our experience has been awesome!"
Belinda Hastedt

"Everyone was always so friendly and helpful!"
Lauren Smith

"You made a scary experience wonderful! I know my other 2 kids will be needing braces and I would not want anyone else to do it. Thank you for working with us financially and in every way. Thanks!"
Lori Jackson

“Thanks for juggling times to serve us!!”


“An extremely pleasant experience. The way you schedule your appointments is greatly appreciated. There is virtually no waiting. Extremely pleased and satisfied. A+++. Never a problem. You have a great system!”
J.R. Bryant

“Thank you. I am very pleased with all that you have done.”
Sara Mackenroth

“Thank you for always working with my difficult schedule!”

“Everything is just fine. No changes should be made. I really do mean that, everything is excellent!!!”

“I would like to say that out of all the medical offices I have gone to, yours was always the most comfortable. Made us feel like we were no bother. Thank you!”

“I can not see where you could make any improvements. Knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord. Ephesians 6:8.”
John Hazelwood Family

“Thank you.”
Rebecca Donahue

“We had nothing but good experiences throughout the braces situation.”
Matt Edwards

“Keep up the good work!”
Rebecca & Katrina Lichtenberg

“You made having braces a pleasant experience. You made me feel like family. Thanks”

“This has been a wonderful office! We will be happy to refer anyone who asks!”
Ron Smith/Shelley Smith

“My kids had an over all great experience. Thanks for the beautiful smile!”
JM Bryant- Chris Bryant

“I have enjoyed your reminder calls.”



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